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To our Mid-Atlantic Association members, from the Association President:

We have formed a nominating committee, and I have appointed one of our longtime members, Steve Hranilovich, to chair the committee and am looking for members of our community who are interested in being part of the “behind the scenes” election process. It’s a great learning opportunity and a chance to donate a few hours of time between now and the elections.

Which brings me to the second matter. We have several critical leadership positions to fill. In order to allow for more time for the nomination process for the election of officers, the annual meeting of the Association has been rescheduled form September 28 to October 12, 2022. Mark your calendars accordingly!

We will be publishing very shortly an announcement on how to submit nominations and the election process.

As election season is upon us, I call upon you, the membership, to help fill our needs. I promise a warm welcome to any of you willing and minimally qualified to serve on the many committees that I can appoint in any vacancies for the remainder of the year, and encourage you to get on the ballot to serve in leadership positions open this fall, for a term of two years, if you love track and field and feel called to a servant leadership role.

We are an equal opportunity non-profit association! Please reach out to me or any member of the Board and Executive Committee for further information.

Yours very truly,

Ken Kapner
President, USA Track & Field, Mid-Atlantic Association