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Individuals may join or renew their membership in USATF Mid-Atlantic online only via the USATF Connect Portal

To get started, click on the link: Online application

The online process is safe, secure, and speedy. Individuals get a USATF membership number immediately. You will receive a membership card and information about USATF benefits within three weeks. You may view a list of the benefits below on the USATF national website.

USATF National Date of Birth Verification Policy:

USATF National Championships require that the registrants are date-of-birth verified. Members are mandated to upload/submit their birthdate verification documents when completing their membership profile on the USATF CONNECT system. There may be other competitions that require this mandate. Check event eligibility requirements carefully when registering for an event. There is a 5 business day turnaround on this process, members should upload verification documents in time for event registration deadlines.  Once age verification is approved this will be a part of your USATF profile and remains until you discontinued your profile with USATF.  For additional information on the USATF National Birth Verification policy click on the link: USATF Date of Birth Verification Policy

When you apply, identify your club, if any, and fill in the club number from this list of USATF Mid-Atlantic member clubs. You should also indicate your membership category (athlete, coach, parent, etc.) and your sports (long-distance running, track, etc.)

For a tutorial on USATF Connect click on the link below:

For additional information contact the membership chair:



Organizations may join or renew membership in USATF Mid-Atlantic by filling out the online application. The online process is safe, secure, and speedy.


One year Officials Only Four years
Adult: $55 $140.00
Youth: $30
Organization/Club: $50 $100 $150 $200